DIY ~ Pineapple Canvas!

Yup! A pineapple canvas DIY, that can be done as a decoration for your room or a gift to friend who loves pineapples.. Very simple, cute, and imaginative, and here are the steps you'll have to follow:

Find a picture of any pineapple and place as many copies as you want on the paper to help you place each pineapple correctly and accurately on the canvas. edit it, then print your paper once you are satisfied in grey scale, for you will be turning it into a template later on, and so no colors are needed.

Empty out the parts you want to fill with colors using scissors or an exacto knife then place your template on the canvas and secure it using tape like below

Choose the colors you want and get a sponge, and a toilet paper or a plate to squeeze some of the color out.. For this canvas, I used the colors above: red, orange, yellow, and blue for the pineapples, and green for the leaves.

Dip your sponge in your desired color and fill in the places you cut before.. You can play with the colors and textures as you can brush the color against the canvas to give it a smooth look, or you can gently tap your sponge against the canvas to create a rough look. 

Once you finished coloring, remove the template and set the canvas aside to dry, and once it's dried, it should look something like this:

This is such a cute, fun, and easy DIY! If you liked it, please let me know, and if you created your own pineapple (or any other fruit) canvas, feel free to tweet me the pictures on @AyaKholoki :D I would love to hear your thoughts and comments and see your creations! ^.^

Good luck, and until next time, SALAM! <3


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